Managed Print Services:

Our Managed Print offering allows you to bundle all of your document output devices under one package, billed in one invoice at a low-cost-per-page; while saving you 30% or more when compared to buying toner and other supplies for individual devices. Imagine no longer having the burden of maintenance and replacement of equipment and being able to have your equipment repaired quickly and get the supplies you need from a single source. We make managing printing costs seamless and effortless.

IT Managed Services:

Everything from the design of a computer network and its installation to the support of already existing Networks, FastForward can manage it for you. Our initial deployment techniques and solutions create the right environment for your needs. Our monitoring and maintenance strategies keep our client Computer Environments healthy and allow us to meet the business demands you have today while planning for tomorrow. Whether you need to build a new office computer system from the ground up or reconfigure an existing one to accommodate growth, we can provide you with the right hardware and software solution. How well your network performs is at the very core of how well your business performs. To ensure the ongoing health of your network and keep your business humming along, With our IT Managed Services Program you will be provided everything you need to satisfy the unique IT demands of your business for a low all-inclusive monthly rate.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery:

When disaster strikes, the ability to quickly restore your programs and files is mission critical. It can prove to be the difference between staying in business or not. Imagine losing all of your organization’s programs, network policies, processes, and files in a flash. Most organizations anticipating this potential crisis, implement data back-up procedures with the most common being backing up to an external local device but that too has its risks. As your IT Managed Services provider, Fastforward Digital Solutions will implement a backup solution based on best industry practices, leveraging technology to limit human error and storing your business lifeline on the cloud. We will also routinely perform tests to make certain your data can be restored properly in the event of loss or corruption. We provide you with the latest in enterprise-class online back-up systems with superior performance for a fraction of the costs when incorporated into one of our managed service programs.

Remote Support:

Need support on your Computer right now? No problem! We’ve got you covered. Using our remote support tool through our website, our technicians can connect directly to your computer and help with any problems you may be experiencing. With your authorization, we can take over the mouse and keyboard as if we were sitting right in front of your computer. This allows us to service your Computers and Network in a fraction of the time it takes to make an onsite visit. 95% of computer related issues aside from Hardware Failure can be handled in this manner.

Full virus, spyware, & malware protection:

Every minute counts in today’s business. Stop wasting your valuable time and energy on the selection, testing, planning, deployment, updating and reporting of your Anti-virus software. FastForward Digital Solutions’ IT Managed services provides skilled IT personnel, with the expertise you need using centralized monitoring and management tools. We are the proactive approach to ensuring the protection of your desktops and laptops against the ever-present threat of viruses, spam and malware attacks.

Cloud Services:

The quickest, most efficient way to extend your company’s IT infrastructure is with a reliable cloud partner. FastForward tailors cloud solutions that best fit your business needs and supports the most critical applications to run your business. Our secure, compliant cloud environment assures you the performance, privacy and regulatory compliance you and your customers demand. We’ll rapidly design and deploy a tailored public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure for you, minimizing disruption and up-front costs. Plus you can add services such as disaster recovery and cloud-enabled applications for additional flexibility and resilience.

Email Hosting:

Email is now the primary communication method preferred by businesses. Providing your company with reliable email is just as important as having the main telephone number for your clients to call. Our email hosting solutions can work with any modern email client, we offer high-uptime, automatic backups and granular recovery of missing messages. Best of all our hosted email exchange service provides the five 9’s: meaning up time is 99.999%. This is much more efficient than the typically hosted email offerings you get for free or from the domain name type of provider.

Business Phone Systems:

With a wealth of knowledge, FastForward is now also providing Business Phone Systems. Partnering with vendors who are leading this marketplace, you can expect the same results you are used to seeing from us on our IT and Managed Print offerings. Our trained team of technicians assures you will receive both premier products and premier service when you partner with us for your phone system needs. Whether you own a small shop or an organization with multiple offices, we have the right products that will help you achieve your goals.

Flexible Financing:

We have a unique understanding of the financial needs in the local business community. We provide innovative finance programs as well as outright purchase and maintenance programs all with customized billing options.